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Magic Flute - The Head Sets the Tone

Lung training can be fun with an instrument that sometimes sounds like a saxophone, other times like a piano or even like drums. Is it some kind of magic? Not really – even though the instrument is called Magic Flute, one does not have to work magic on it. All you need is your head.

In August 2006, little Glenn was absolutely amazed when he blew into the flute and the first tones came out. For the first time he was able to play a musical instrument since he was born without arms and his hands being attached directly to his shoulders.

The Magic Flute is a stand-alone electronic wind instrument. What is unique is that this instrument can be played without hands, but is also suitable for children who can use their hands. You can play songs or play improvised music.

The Magic Flute consists of two separate parts, a flute and a control device with a display. It works by fixing the flute to a tripod and it is blown through an embouchure – the stronger you blow the louder it sounds. Head movements up and down determine the pitch. The flute is connected to the control device and has also a remote control function (sip & puff).

The musician can select a different sound or access the user settings without the help of another person. Its display shows which note the musician is playing. The wind instrument can also be connected to other electric sound sources like a keyboard, a synthesizer or a computer enabling the user to generate a broad variety of different sounds ranging from the flute and guitar to percussions and rhythms..

The wind instrument hits two birds with one stone. The lung is trained and moving arms is not necessary anymore to be able to play an instrument since one only needs the head to play songs. And who knows maybe the next rock star will be a „magic flutist“.


With stand-alone we mean that the Magic Flute can work completely independently, so it is just a matter of turning the power on and play. There is an internal sound card fitted in the Control Module. So you only need a set of small computer speakers and you can start playing. The Magic Flute is user-friendly and intuitive.

Teaching Methods

With the Magic Flute one can learn to play music from sheet music. Over the years we have assembled a nice selection of suitable sheet music. There are various styles like pop, jazz, children’s songs and classical music. You can download this sheet music free on


With the Magic Flute it’s also easy to improvise music. By ‘easy’ we mean that without any musical knowledge or experience it’s possible to produce the most wonderful improvised melodies in no time.

Improvisation is a way to create your own unique music, here and now, without having to think too much. It’s also a great way to express yourself. If you use the right scales on the Magic Flute with the play-along tracks for improvisation, in no time you’ll create music which can be very pleasant to listen to.

This can be done at a very early age - our youngest participants are around 4 years old. Improvisation is very good for mental development. Someone who can improvise music well is often able to cope well in daily life too.

Participants with a mental disability can easily learn this technique. On the website you’ll find a number of professional play-along tracks. These tracks have been composed especially for My Breath My Music. Each track comes with information on which scale to use.

Making music has never been this easy!